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Criminal and Family Appeals Attorney in El Paso

As an experienced trial attorney I am uniquely suited to understanding appeals. I do criminal appeals in State, Federal and Military Cases. I also do appeals in Family Law cases. I am licensed to practice before all Appellate Courts in Texas, the Courts of Military Appeals, and the Federal system up to the United States Supreme Court. Whatever your case calls for I am prepared to travel anywhere the case leads.


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Inside Winning a Criminal Appeal

Finding the right attorney could make all the difference and it takes more than your average defense attorney to handle an appeal. An appeal presents a completely different set of challenges from those raised in a trial. In an appeal, you are not getting a do over. Instead, this process is meant to find mistakes in the law and sometimes the evidence. You need to work with a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of a successful appeal through personal experience.

If you work with me, I will put my all into overturning the conviction and clearing your name. I am dedicated to helping my clients assert their rights and move forward with their lives. But don’t wait, there are strict deadlines in filing appeals. If you wait too long, your loved one may be forever barred from challenging their conviction.

Federal Criminal Appeals

I also offer my services in the area of appeals of criminal convictions from the federal district courts. Appeals are a special area of the law and require a lawyer who not only understands the law applicable to your case, but that has actually tried and won that kind of legal matter at trial. This knowledge is the key because at appeal no more witnesses or evidence will be taken. You will not appear before the appeals court.

Instead the court only has before it the written record of trial, appellate briefs by counsel, and rarely some argument. A well-crafted and thoughtful appeal is your improved chance for a positive outcome. I am licensed to practice and qualified from the Court of Appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

Courts of Appeals for the Armed Forces

I also represent service members who are seeking to appeal their court-martial convictions. Appeals from courts-martial are a very distinct area of the law. Military Courts have their own Courts of Appeals that are separate and independent of the civilian appellate circuits. Why should you choose to trust me with your military appeal case?

My knowledge of the appeals courts gives me an edge in being able to preserve your right to appeal in the event things should not go your way. I have experience and insight in not only trying cases before military courts, but also the many considerations that might impact an appeal from a court-martial.

Family Law Appeals

The Law Office of Leonard Morales can also help you with an appeal of a decision by a Texas State Judge in a Family Law case. Those are decisions made in a divorce, custody, modification, enforcement or clarification of a prior order, just to name a few. If you believe the trial court made the wrong decision or incorrectly applied the law, call the Law Office of Leonard Morales to discuss your options on appeal. BUT DO NOT WAIT, there are very strict deadlines to appeal your case.

Revocation of Security Clearance

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the federal government has ramped up its programs surrounding security clearance in government employment, and military service in general. If you have been denied security clearance or are facing the revocation of your security clearance, please call to set up a consultation. With planning and a proper defense you can overcome the denial or revocation of your clearance.

I have represented individuals from basic security clearance problems to a full defense before a federal government Administrative Judge, saving these people's federal civilian jobs and military careers.

Applications to Upgrade Discharges from the Armed Forces

I assist veterans who are interested in upgrading a lesser characterization of discharge. Soldiers who were separated from service with something other than an honorable discharge may appeal their characterization to the Armed Forces Board of Corrections. Although relief is rare, the impact to the individual can be significant. If your characterization of discharge has limited your job opportunities, you may appeal to have that discharge upgraded.

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