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Case Results

The following are but a sample of the types of cases I have worked on and won. They are only a few of the thousands of cases I have handled and a few of the 100+ jury trials in which I have been the lead counsel in my 20-year career.

These are not plea deals for a dismissal or dismissals because a witness did not show or something else turned out to be lacking before trial. Any lawyer can get lucky or work something out like that.

These cases are examples of the numerous cases I have fought and argued to a Jury of 12 people who rendered a verdict. Again, these are not all my jury trials, but are only a sample of some of the more significant cases I have handled in my career.

  • Assault - Acquitted - Found Not Guilty by a Jury
    State of Texas v D. Perez

    Client accused of assault against his live-in girlfriend. Found Not Guilty after Jury Trial

    Possible Sentence: Up to 1 year in a County Jail

  • Felony Kidnapping & Assault - Not Guilty
    State of Texas v R. Perez, Family

    Client accused of felony kidnapping and assault. Acquitted, found not guilty on all counts after a 4-day jury trial.

    Possible Sentence: 2 to 20 years on each count.

  • Assault Family Violence - Acquitted after Trial
    State of Texas v. B. Parsons

    US Army SSG accused of Assault Family Violence against his spouse. Found not guilty by a jury after a 3-day trial.

    Possible Sentence: Up to 1 year in a County Jail.

  • Injury to a Child - Acquitted by Jury
    State of Texas v. Gaytan

    Grandmother charged by the State of Injury to a Child. Child alleged Grandmother hit her with a hanger and wet belt. Tried before a jury. The State presented statements and photographic evidence allegedly to support the accusations.

    Possible Sentence: 2 to 10 years in a Texas Penitentiary (TDCJ).

    Not Guilty, Acquitted by Jury

  • Criminal Interference - Case Dismissed
    State of Texas v. H. Hernandez

    State charges Mother with criminal interference with child custody. Case dismissed after I point out to District Attorney no interference occurred, Mother was in the right according to the custody order.

    Possible Sentence: 2 to 10 years in a Texas Penitentiary (TDJC)

  • Intoxicated Manslaughter- Sentenced to Probation
    State of Texas v. Ivan Romo

    Soldier out drinking with friends, makes a fatal mistake deciding to drive his truck, runs a red light and strikes a man on a motorcycle, killing him. After a full trial the jury (comprised of regular El Pasoens) decides to sentence Mr. Romo to 10 years probation.

    Sentenced to Probation by the Jury.

  • Armed Robbery - Found Not Guilty by Jury
    State of Texas v. L. McWhorter

    Client accused of robbery of pizza delivery man at gunpoint. Client is a 6 ft, 7in black male in El Paso, a largely Mexican-American city. Delivery man claims he knew his robber from high school. I was able to disprove the identification and the state's case by alibi witnesses.

    Possible Sentence: 5 years to 99 years or life in a Texas Penitentiary (TDCJ).

  • Identity Theft - Acquitted after Jury Trial
    State of Texas v. M. Blaney

    Client accused of identity theft, we were able to show the State's lack of evidence and that my client was falsely accused.

    Possible Sentence: 2 to 10 years in a Texas Penitentiary (TDCJ).

  • Felony Domestic Violence - Acquitted after Trial
    State of Texas v. O. Guerrero

    Client charged with felony domestic/family violence by strangulation. Found Not Guilty after a 3-day jury trial.

  • Child Sexual Assault - Not Guilty on All Counts
    State of Texas v. R. Meza

    Client accused of sexually molesting his live-in girlfriend's then 11-year-old daughter. Child makes delayed outcry 3 years later. Accuses Client of sexual assault over a period of 6 months. I have won many Child Sex Assault cases, this is just one of many in a long line of acquittals of men (and women) falsely accused of the heinous crime of child sex assault.

    Possible Sentence: 25 years to life in a Texas Penitentiary (TDCJ).

  • Arson - Case Dismissed by Prosecutor
    State of Texas v. R. Woods

    Client charged with setting fire to an automobile. After a thorough investigation by the defense, Fire Marshal is caught in a bold face lie about his investigation. District Attorney decides to abandon the case.

    Possible Sentence: 2 to 10 years in a Texas Penitentiary (TDCJ).

  • DWI Manslaughter - Probation from the Jury
    State of Texas v. Robles Robles charged with the death of his cousin while racing on an El Paso freeway. Robles was intoxicated, cars speed exceeding 100mph and a prior DWI conviction. After a complete accident reconstruction, I was able to give the jury all the information it needed to decide that my client was a good candidate for probation despite his past poor decision making.
  • Capital Murder - Acquitted - Not Guilty by Jury
    State of Texas v. Tyson Mother accused of killing her 2-year-old son by blunt force trauma (shaken baby syndrome). 5-day jury trial. We were able to prove that child died of overwhelming septic infection, that caused the brain to swell leading to the child's unfortunate death. Case later featured on PBS Frontline, "The Child Cases.
  • RICO Murder Charges - Acquitted by Jury
    United States v. A. Enriquez RICO case involving the Barrio Azteca street/prison gang. Month-long trial involving 15 defendants, 5 of which went to trial. Mr. Enriquez was found not guilty of Murder in Aid of Racketeering Activity.
  • Federal Marijuana Charges - Acquitted by Jury
    United States v. M. Franco

    Federal Charges of Importation of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana. Client found not guilty after Jury Trial in Federal District Court.

    Possible Sentence: 0 to 20 years in Federal Prison.

  • Rape - Not Guilty by Military Panel
    United States v. PVT Juhl Soldier charged with the rape of a fellow female soldier on Fort Bliss. 3 day trial before a Military Court Martial. Solider gave a videotaped confession and faced multiple charges. I was able to discredit the confession through cross-examination of the officer who took the Soldier's supposed confession.
  • RICO Money Laundering - Dismissed
    United States v. S. Barraza-Mena

    Client was accused of being the notary and bookkeeper for a Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO). After a 4-day federal jury trial, the Government failed to convince the jury that Defendant was, in fact, part of the DTO. All that was shown was that Defendant had notarized some applications for the return of certain property after the seizure.

    Possible Sentence: 10 years mandatory minimum to Life and 0-20 years on Money Laundering Count.

  • Theft - Not Guilty by Military Panel
    United States v. SSG Bowers Supply Sergeant charged with the theft of over $50,000 of military equipment. SSG was accused of using the Army Supply and Unit Credit Card system of ordering unit supplies and equipment for himself. After a 4 day Court Martial, SSG was acquitted of theft. We were able to show how SSG did not abuse the supply system and how all the accountable items were actually accounted for with proper investigation.
  • Murder, War Crime - Not Guilty Military Panel
    United States v. SSG Sims Army Staff Sergeant, nurse, was accused of injecting an Iraqi teen who was a patient at an Army hospital with a fatal dose of narcotics to accelerate his death. The patient was an Iraqi teen suffering from 3rd-degree burns over 75% of his body. Client had also given a complete confession to Army CID. I was able to discredit the Government's key witnesses and establish that the confession was unreliable and coerced.
  • Child Sexual Assault Charges - Not Guilty
    US v SGT Robertson GT accused of rape, sexual assault, and sodomy of a child. 3-day court-martial before an officer and enlisted panel. SGT was accused of molesting his daughter over several years. After deploying to Iraq, daughter accused SGT. The case involved physical evidence including SANE exam and video interviews of the child.

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