• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are your rates or retainer?
      Retainers or fees to retain me as your lawyer will depend on the type of case. I do not have a set fee or flat fee for any particular type of case. I tailor each fee to the amount of work I expect to complete. I do not like to charge people (especially service members or vets) for work I do not intend to do.
    • Do you offer reduced fees for active duty service members or veterans?
      I do take into account your service to our country in determining my fees although I do not have a set fee schedule or rate.
    • Do you offer payment plans or alternative methods of payment?
      I do offer payment plans to clients who request them. However, these plans depend on the amount of time we have to resolve your case and the work necessary to complete it. Some cases may take little or no time to resolve. Unfortunately, in a situation like this, there may be little time to complete a payment plan.
    • Do you have weekend hours or after business hour appointments?
      I do not keep regular weekend hours. I try to reserve that time for my wife and children. But if necessary and by request I will make time to see clients on a case-by-case basis. I understand that sometimes there are few other alternatives. I do, however, check my e-mail regularly and will answer questions promptly if possible.
    • Do you only represent service members or veterans?
      Of course not. I represent anyone who needs help and legal counsel. I have many non-military clients. I will take your case if I think I can help you.
    • Do you accept or subscribe to pre-paid legal services or any other kind of legal insurance plans?
      Generally, no. I am not a participant in pre-paid legal service or insurance.
    • Do you take cases outside of Texas?
      I do take on criminal cases outside of Texas in certain circumstances. It depends on the case and the rules of the court that I am trying to practice before. Some courts have very particular rules about lawyers from other states. Federal courts have rules that dictate how a lawyer from another state may practice before them. I am licensed in Texas and have taken cases in several other states. Do not be afraid to call on me simply because you are from another state in a criminal matter. Family law cases are another matter entirely. Family law is a very local practice. You have to know your local regulations and how your judge rules in any given set of circumstances. If you don't then you are not doing your client any good. It is for these reasons that I limit my family law practice to El Paso County.